New Everything!

We Did It!

Howdy everyone,
We’ve made a ton of changes in the past couple weeks, and I hope you’re just as excited to see them as we’ve been making them happen.

First: This Website!

If you didn’t notice we’re now using a new CMS to host this blog in a way that should transfer over to our new hosting provider (UW-COSC) much nicer than Drupal.

Second: Discord!

We’re moving 100% of our chat over to Discord (link at the top) and erasing our Mattermost server next weekend. This means we won’t have to manage or host it, which should make many things easier.

Third: The Playground!

We’ve had a TON of progress, and it looks like we should be able to allow members access to the playground in the comming months. We’ll keep you posted on this!

Hack safe,
[email protected]