Meeting Notes Dec. 05, 2019:

Hacker Jeopardy -> @scrypy

  • Newz:
    • forgot sorry XP
  • Toolz:
    • forgot sorry XP
  • Knawledge:
    • forgot sorry XP

Last meeting of the semester!

New meeting time announcement -> @scrypy

  • Surprise! We are now going to meet on Wednesdays at 5:00PM.

MITRE CTF discussion -> @scrypy

  • The MITRE 2020 CTF focuses on hardware and embedded system security. Talk about who might be interested in this.

Backdoored Putty Analysis -> @scrypy

  • Using Ghidra, the backdoored Putty program was compared to a clean putty program to determine the location of the code cave containing the backdoor.