Meeting Notes Febuary 21th, 2019:

Hacker Jeopardy -> @bugg

  • Newz: This Chineese tech company has repeatedly been in the news in the US and abroad due to intense scrutiny by US and ally intelligence communities relating to their ties to the Chineese government and it’s implications in 5G networks
  • Toolz: chmod go+x
  • Knawledge: This, abbreviated DC describes a central server for authentication which may also serve DNS over the intranet

Cyber Force Competition -> @rafer

  • Presentation on CEDAR’s experience at INL

No Relationship -> @clerek

  • @clerek educated us about Cyber Daily and the No Relationship attacks and GDPR and Halo and lots more!

## WEP Hacking -> @bugg - Presentation

## Announcement from @bakgwei -> @bakgwei - @bakgwei gave an announcement