Meeting Notes Febuary 07th, 2019:

Hackin with Hydra -> @bugg

  • @bugg talked about the network brute-forcing tool Hydra and how to brute-foce ssh and HTML FORMS authentication

Updates from the Closet -> @bugg

  • The servers are still down for the vSAN migration
  • We got a donation of HDD Caddies from Mike (Thanks!) which is powering the vSAN
  • Also got a donation of Lappytops for more hands-on-hacking
  • We did a survey and while most people want more hands-on-hacking most were also unwilling to get the VPN setup (thus the need for a good vpn solution integrating the lappytops).
  • Still working on the aformentioned solution ^^^


  • We talked about the Bitcoin Exachange owner ‘dying’ with an encrypted lappytop holding the seeds to $220 Million Dollars (in Bitcoin)
  • Other discussions were had