Meeting Notes November 15th, 2018 :

SOC Talk: Security Onion -> @bugg

Fundamentals -> @bakgwei

  • @bakgwei talked to use about cli basics and debued a small challenge which he will make available for all

Bake Sale Debreif -> @Iguana

  • We made lots of money (~$177?)
  • Need more marketing next time
  • We shall do it again
  • Super effective for raising monies

More Fundraising Talk -> @bugg

  • DATDA’s gonna start a Podcast!
  • @bakgwei volunteered his prior knoledge and equipment
  • @scrypy vulunteered his knowledge
  • Our $$$ Model will be 2-fold:
    • Free with Ads, initially self-promo (Patreon & Merch), eventually commercial ads
    • Behind the Patreon with no ads, $1+ Pay-What-You-Can

Saturday CTF Get-Together -> @scrypy

  • We will be getting together and doing CTF stuff
  • Saturday Afternoon in EN4066