Meeting Notes November 1st, 2018 :

NCL Regular Season Starts Tommorowowowowo!

PicoCTF Writeup -> @bugg

DEF CON Funding Proposal -> @bugg

  • Proposal boiled down to:
    • Hard deadline of in/out + funded by mid-spring semester
    • Funding deadline means whatever isn’t raised through work/donations is self-funded with option for refunds after for post-deadline work/donations.
    • Group funding gets split as decided by group, was generally suggested to be equally split.
  • Agreement was made that we should use the proposed funding model
  • Fundraising officer agreed to take-on the duty of determining funding quotas based on preliminary logistics with a deadline-ish of early next semester.
  • Treasurer agreed to setup Patreon.

Bake Sale! -> @Iguana

  • We’re having a Bake Sale November 14th in the Union from 10am-5pm
  • Still need moar bakers!