Meeting Notes August 29th, 2018 :

Welcome to DATDA from @bakgwei

PiPwn is happenin!

  • Pi Zero has been added to the prize list thanks to @bakgwei! (Thanks!)
  • Demo’d PiPwn and talked breifly about what a CTF is.

What we (DATDA) do


What do you want from DATDA

  • CTFs
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Hardware Exploits
  • Meetups
  • BBQ at @bakgwei’s
  • Reaching Out – FOCO – Nevada Virtual – Utah
  • Education
  • Jupiter Notebooks
  • RSA
  • SDR

We should probably talk about the OSI model at some point


  • @bakgwei will work on gitpages integration


  • there will be presentations, what we learned

SDR weather station project?

Badges (the boy-scout kind not the #badgelife kind)

  • maybe into that
  • digital (skill badges)