Meeting Notes for April 26th, 2018

Opening Resparks

  • Plug for ML Club by @Tiber

Officer Reports

  • Not much

Catalysts of Last Week

  • WGET Bad & No-Permissions Good
  • Domain Fronting is neat

CTF Debreif

  • 6th Place!
  • AES in GameMaker!


  • !!!
  • Kim Green drops a bomb on the club -> She will fully sponsor 6 members to go to DEFCON.
  • Her conditions: – Group must have females – Must speak for 30 minutes at in front of the largest womans conference in cybersecurity
  • Finalized details will come later

Kim Green’s Impromptu Presentation

  • IOT is terrible but good things are coming
  • Cool new Emissions Encryption -> Diego Estavara? From Columbian University -> Possible webinar
  • Think outside the box, don’t think about today, think about tommorrow.

DATDA WARS Summer Of Love

  • Servers going down for the Summer.


  • AWS (Denver, Broomfield) as sponsor?
  • Advertise to 5+yrs
  • EPSCore list of children?

Kim Green’s Second Presentation

  • Privacy is dead
  • Build better things…for your children to have privacy