Meeting Notes for April 12th, 2018

Opening Resparks

  • Honesty is important. Call out @bakgwei if this comes into question.
  • Finals are a thing…‘member?
  • We missed the Colorado bootcamp deadline but we’ll try again next year.

Officer Reports

  • Not much to report atm.

The Dark Arts of the Demoscene -> @cogg

  • Cool presentation by cogg.

What can DATDA do for you? -> @bakgwei

  • Expand Radio Star series w/SDRs from CEDAR
  • In-Person CTFs
  • (
  • Hands-On
  • @bakgwei & @scrypy offered to donate laptops for helping with hands-on activities

  • Interest in CTFs again next year.

Member Educator Position Discussion -> @bakgwei

  • @scrypy elected by popular vote and self-nomination.

Network Admin Position Discussion -> @bakgwei

  • Argument about name of position.
  • Vote on creattion of position -> No by popular vote.

Capture the Flag Captain Discussion -> @bakgwei

  • No person interested. Shelved for later.
  • STEM CTF April 21st? Yes we do? ( 6 Volunteers.

Basic Knowledge -> @bakgwei

  • @bakgwei compiled list of things people think is basic
  • New members were probed to compile a list of topics they want to know about.

Google Calendar -> @bakgwei

  • It’s a thing. No login. Almost working.

Banquet Update -> @scrypy

  • No Apple Servers.
  • Other server is donated.
  • Updated our prices.
  • Just two members attending.

Other stuff

  • Socials? -> Mild interest