Meeting Notes for January 25th, 2018

New Meeting Time

We now meet on Thursdays from 7PM-9PM in EN4066.


Adam polled the club on potential activities. The results can be found at the bottom of these notes.


There were some issues with the servers that are now resolved.

DATDA as a Service

There is not much interest in working on pentesting. We decided to fulfill our existing commitments, which we need a list of.

We decided to try doing IT work instead. There is now a #datda_it channel in the Discord and a page on our website with more information. [Edited by Bugg]


Adam will send an department-wide email for the next meeting.

We will get posters printed and placed around the university.

We may try to reserve a table in the union in the future.


We discussed requesting funding from Rocky Mountain Power and Trihydro Corporation.

Activity Poll Results

6 - Common Vulnrabilities (Web + Binary)
6 - Cool Vulnrabilities (CVEs, High Profile Attacks)
6 - RF
5 - Sys Administration (Setting up Accounts, VMs, Containers, Servers)
4 - Game Hacking (Modding, Retro Game Code Injection, Modelling)
4 - Cryptography
3 - Cracking (Wifi, Passwords)
3 - CTF Solutions
3 - OsDev
1 - Cryptocurrencies / Blockchains

8 - Lockpicking
7 - Interactive Stuff
7 - CTFs
6 - Boot to Root(?)
4.4 - Datda Wars